Rosanne and Michael. engaged.

How much do you love a couple that laughs together? I actually don’t care how much you love it… I love it, and I took the pictures. I spent a couple hours on New Years Eve with Rosanne and Michael following them around with my camera, laughing, and drinking hot chocolate. Michael had a lottttt of ideas for pictures. I told him not to quit his day job. Kidddding. obv. kinda. These two are actually the definition of friendship, love, soul mate, forever, and happy all rolled up into one, and it was inspiring to be around them for just an afternoon.  Hanging with these two was an absolute perfect end to 2012, despite the parking ticket. In fact I’d take 6 parking tickets just to follow these two around. cares. Thank you two so so so soos much. Hope to see you real soon. and by that I mean, I will 😉

love. new year. friends.

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