Judy and Eric. Engaged.

And by engaged, I actually mean married. It isn’t every day that we get to photograph married couples after their wedding day, but you won’t hear us complain. In fact I actually love the concept. who doesn’t want to celebrate their love and commitment with post wedding, engagement, beloved, love fest, pictures? Act like you aren’t on board. You can hire us. just sayin’.

Judy and Eric had a small, private, intimate court house wedding this past spring. When you’re in love you can’t let small things like an expiring student visa get in your way. I can’t blame Eric for wanting Judy by his side, she’s gorgeous, sweet, smart, funny, and fits oh so perfectly hooked under his arm. These two are having a second wedding this coming May with their families and closest friends. Then they’re going to the Philippines to have wedding #3, and then maybe to China to have #4. Sounds like a lot of pretty pictures to take, if you ask me. Hitched Studios loves to travel, guys.. in case you were wondering 😉

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