Nina, Brian, and Hank.

The post after this one is of Nina’s identical twin sister, Laura.  Ya, I know, they’re really pretty twins.  They harmonize and sing like angels which makes it even more annoying.:)  They’re the lead singers of a new band called American Echoes.  I’ll let you know when they’re out with some tunes so you can get good and obsessed.

Anyway, Nina and Brian are two of my very best friends.  He cuts my hair, she goes to Burning Man with us.  They adopted Hank on Christmas eve from a website called and their hearts exploded.  Hank and Brian look quite a bit alike which makes everyone else’s heart explode.:)

We decided to photograph this gorgeous couple in their apartment: their first apartment together.  My hope is that they’ll look back at these photographs in twenty years and remember their first place, their first son :), and all the love and friendship that was built between these walls.  Photography fucking rocks, doesn’t it?  Take more pictures.

You two?  pssshhhh…c’mon now.  You know how much we love you both.  Finally getting to photograph you was an honor.  Come to think of it, calling you my friend is an honor.  Man, I love you guys big time.

Thank you. Enjoy. Love.






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