barbara and joel. super awesome, but also married.

Barbara and Joel grew up together in Attleboro, MA.  Their parents have been friends since Barbara and Joel were only Smalls.  They graduated high school, lived their lives, and many years later found each other on the popular social media called Facebook.  Blasts from each other’s pasts they agreed to grab coffee (might have been lunch or dinner or drinks, but they’re in Italy now so I can’t verify.  Who gives a shit about facts anyway.  It’s the internet.).   Barbara noticed that young Joel was now a man and they began their courtship, as they say.  He’s a triathlete so now she’s a triathlete, they live in NYC, they dress well, they’re nice to the people they love, and when you get to call yourself a friend of Barbara and Joel I’d be willing to bet you feel pretty lucky.   Their wedding was in Princeton, MA at the absolutely gorgeous Harrington Farms. They were surrounded by an extremely special group of people and I truly loved every second of this wedding.  I genuinely dig this couple and I’m so incredibly happy they re-found each other.  Everyone at Hitched Studios wishes them everything that is good and true and lovely and healthy ans strong in this life.  No doubt they’ll have all that sweetness in spades.:)

Just a quick note about the pictures in the beginning of this post.  They got ready at a Holiday Inn.  At that Holiday Inn was a dog show and some sort of Armed Forces convention.   We got pictures featuring both events.:)    We also got lost on the way to the venue (with the couple) and took some pictures in the fog.

Enjoy. Thank you. Love.  It was an enormous honor to be there for you both.  Peace.


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