Joanna and Dean: engaged.

I’m first in line to photograph the offspring of this love so back up.

If you’re in New England, you know that we are just finishing up the week or two we get of peak foliage.  Along with that color, we were blessed with temperatures above 65 degrees and windless days.  Which makes me nervous.  I feel like Mother Nature, while she buries us in six months of snow and ice and wind chills, will constantly reference ‘that week that was super nice and really colorful’ and remind us to be grateful. Here are some photographs of that week.

Anyway, Joanna and Dean rock.  Look at them:  they’re gorgeous, fun, and smart.  All the things Ben aspires to be.


cue the falling leaf.

cue the falling leaf.


She's funny and smart, too. Painful, I know.

Oh, and Dean?  He

Oh, and Dean? He's smart, fun, and tall, too.


I mentioned the peak foliage.

I mentioned the peak foliage.


Ben's the creepy guy photographing the perfectly nice couple through the trees.


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