Gretchen and Jared. Hitched.

You guys hear that Boston does St. Paddy’s day sorrrrta like it’s the end of the world?  If ya don’t know now ya know. So, naturally Gretchen and Jared got married on the day before St. Patrick’s day in the North End and Faneuil Hall.  Their wedding was so super fun and the whole St Paddy’s element just gave it this wild and crazy vibe that elevated everybody, it was awesome.  They got married at St Leonards in The North End where Gretchen’s grandmother was married almost 100 years before. From there we walked through the North End (cray) and into Haymarket (cray on meth) and into Faneuil Hall where I’m pretty sure everyone there was 12 short steps away from utter sobriety.  One day, boys.  One day.

Anyway, the wedding was perfect in every way and we had a blast.  The reception was at The Millenium Hotel which is killer.  Gretchen and Jared”s family and friends are top notch, they’re super in love, and they looked absolutely gorgeous.  We rated this one here an A+ we did.   See for yourself…

thank you. good luck. enjoy. love.

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