Christine and Steve. engaged.

Wanna know the way to my heart? Laughter and cupcakes. So we basically hit the lottery with Christine and Steve. What a hilarious pair of good looking, sweet, down to earth, lovable, bazuuns. Christine and Steve are getting married at Gibbet Hill in July which happens to be the prettiest chunk of rock in Massachusetts.  The Grist Mill at the Wayside Inn is second place in the pretty land so we trespassed all over that history, laughed, ate cupcakes, brought our cameras, and “made friends” with the employees. ahwhoopsie. It was one of those really tough days at the office when you forget you’re working and leave with sore abs cause you laughed so much. I mean, someday we’ll find the perks of this gig. sigh.

Christine and Steve… we are beyyyonnddd psyched for your wedding. and by that i mean we miss you already. thank you. love.

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