Meg and Christian. engaged.

yayyyyyyyyyy… another awesome awesome couple for hitched. It’s so fun getting a referral from a friend because you’re in love with them before you even meet. And then we walked into their apartment and I actually decided to move in. Meg and Christian live in my dreammmm apartment. Its the perfect mix of restoration hardware meets anthropologie and it’s not even going to be awkward when I show up on their door step with my bags packed. I’m a good roommate, I promise. I can cook. no really. Anyway, not only does their space rock, they have a sweet lil dog, success, love, friendship, good looks, and laughter. Sounds like all the right things for a happy marriage, if you ask me. Meg, Christian, and Winnie… can’t thank you guys enough. See you again, no doubt. 😉


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April 29, 2013 - 6:34 pm

Meg - We had such a wonderful time! Thanks so much!

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