Nicole and Seth. Wed up nice at Elm Bank.

woop woop, let’s put our hands together for Seth and Nicole who brought us a really nice warm Spring day amongst the longest winter in the history of Stab Me in the Eye.   Their wedding was held at Elm Bank in Wellesley which is a super gorgeous spot no matter what, but it really, really helps that it was almost 80 degrees.   Everything was super perfect that day: the couple, their wonderful family and friends, the weather, and the food (catered by Bakers Best catering which, if you ask me, is one of the best in the beezwax. Love em).

Seth and Nicole met on a birth right trip to that small but mighty Israel.  The rest is history.  They’re somewhere rad and hot and delicious in Thailand right now so once I wipe all this envy off my face I’ll post up some pics.

Here we go…

Thank you very much, twas an honor to be there for you guys.  love.

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