Amanda and Greg. married on up.

I have been fortunate enough to know Amanda for pretty much 15 years. We probably met in middle school or maybe 9th grade and maybe you couldn’t care less, but I’m typing. For obvious reasons, my favorite memories are from our spanish and science “educational” high school trip to Costa Rica. I’m pretty sure we saw a monkey or two, but also learned a lot of spanish slang, flirted with our tour guides, learned how to salsa, and hid booze from our chaperones. Sorry, Senora Kelly. The trip was rather epic, ending better for some of us than others 😉 but at least I got a life long friend outta the deal.

Anyway…. long after that trip Amanda attended Fitchburg State where she met Greg and fell in all sorts of love. The two of them share a love for all things country so their wedding was just that. It was held on the day of the Kentucky Derby and everyone played their part. They were surrounded by 200 of their favorite people wearing fascinators, newsboy hats, and some crazy ass pants. The wedding was at Apple Hill Farm in Leominster on the most perfect day of apple blossoms you could imagine. People were placin’ bets, listening to country music, and drinking mint juleps.  DJ Sheldon was as amazing as ever and everyone was crazy drunk dancing. What more could you honestly ask for? I could give two shits about horses, but their party was ridiculously fun so by default I’m watching the Derby every year from this day forward. obv. thank you. love you all.



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