Elizebeth and Matt. Married at The Dennis Inn.

I just set my alarm for 5:00am so I could write this post before I left for a 36 hour vacation mid-summer.  I wanted to be sure I had enough time to let the world know about my friends who got married, Elizabeth and Matt.

OK, as for location, this one was probably a top 3 or 4.  It was at a place called The Dennis Inn and it was truly an idyllic location for a wedding on a bright and sunny June afternoon. They took over the whole inn (that’s part of the deal there) which was quaint and bright and pretty, their tent was circus-like big, and lawn games, an open bar, and really good people rounded it out.  Driving up to this wedding in full-swing, party dresses and tan preppy people spilling all over the grounds was jaw-droppingly fun and beautiful; it was like a wedding set from the movies, actually.   They made their wedding day more about their community of family and friends than an ego trip which is always nice to see.  They love the people who surround them and the love is given back in spades.

Before we all run out and book the Dennis Inn until 2025, Ben and I would like to tell you that it’s *never* actually about the location.  People who suck, who are snotty, who don’t really have that many friends for one reason or five hundred, who don’t love their husbands, who are gay but still going through with The American Dream… they could get married in a castle, but they still wouldn’t have a good wedding.  So, save your money on covering your chairs and get a therapist, wait like six years, and then call the Dennis Inn.

Elizabeth and Matt had a good wedding because they are hilariously funny, extremely kind and loyal, generous with love and friendship and attention, honest, fun, smart as hell, and deeply in love.  They’re high school sweethearts, by the way.  They live in New York City and she’s a third grade teacher.  He’s full time awesome, but I don’t know what he does every day, but my guess is something in a big building somewhere on a big island where Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Blue Ivy live.

Elizabeth and Matt, we watch people every single week go through this beautiful rite of passage.  We love most of em, and even if we don’t we sure the fuck worship them for 8 straight hours.  And then, every once in a while, on the ride home, Ben and I are silent in the car.  We wonder why or how we got so lucky to be able to capture such a big day for two such remarkable people.  Your day was one of those.  I cried my eyes out editing your photographs, literally sobbed.  We so genuinely hope you love these photographs of you, your beautiful families, and your wonderful friends.  We hope the hardest days of your life are behind you and that the future is full of love and family and deep blessings.  By the way, I wish that for every one I met on your wedding day.  Especially your inner circle of friends, your wonderful parents, Matt’s family and friends,  and your brothers and their beautiful families.

It is a deep honor to give you these photographs, I hope you feel how much we love you both in every one.

I have to stop crying and catch a ferry.  Shit.  Speaking of preppy.

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