Maria and Noah. Chatham Bars Inn.

Perfect wedding alert! I seriously could not imagine a more perfect wedding than Maria and Noah’s. They got married barefoot on the beach, then literally turned around and walked into their open bar cocktail hour hour on the back deck of the Chatham Bars Inn, then danced like the world was going to end all night to the Boston-based band, Legit.   We’ve seen wedding at CBI done a few different ways, but this one was perfect.  HOWEVER…what made it extremely was all the great people there (obv).   They could have been wed in a cardboard box as long as they invited the 10 or so utterly hilarious dudes and chicks that were there and it still would have been the best party I’ve been at in some time.  God, I love funny dudes who love to dance.  I know, I know, you do too, who doesn’t.

Maria and Noah are super nice, really fun, totally gorgeous, and really really married to each other.:)  Yay them!  Here’s what we saw. Good luck, guys.  Have a blast.  love.

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