Ben and Michael. Hitched.

Ben and Michael got all kinds of married at the Boston Public Library last month.  With the endless help of Erin and James from The Catered Affair their wedding was unreal.  So… it went half cocktail hour *before* the ceremony (brilliant), then a gorgeous ceremony in the courtyard given by friends (our favorite), then the rest of the cocktail hour finished up and went into a gorgeous sit down dinner in the reading room (smaller, cozy, and gorgeous).  Then the dancing was back upstairs and they turned the room into a full-on dance club (so sick).  THEN… there was even an outdoor seating area on the balcony overlooking the courtyard (sighhh).   It was such a good wedding.  Wedding Envy for days.

Michael and Ben were surrounded by their friends when they got married and there was so much equality and love and celebration and happiness we almost tripped on the shit.   It was a great night.

Thank you so much.  Good luck out there, boys.  Love.

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