Laura and Eric. Married at the Library.

I’ve come to the realization that I fall in love with just about every couple at their wedding. It’s when I’m straight up crying while editing pictures that I’m slapped in the face with my couple crush. The way Laura and Eric look at each other is truly inspiring and perfect, and I am so honored we were able to photograph it. We photograph a lot of people in their home towns, and Laura and Eric were no different. She grew up on Comm ave, approximately 4 blocks from the Boston Public Library, so it was only fitting. Why, where was your first library card? Their wedding was filled with warm, supportive, loving, and welcoming family, hilariously fun friends, and enough love to keep us floating for weeks. Here’s our favorites from that gorgeous day. thank you. xo.

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August 28, 2013 - 6:40 pm

Peggy Quilty - Cyndi and Max, you managed to capture the magic of that day perfectly! Your photos left me weak and weepy, as well as making me laugh out loud. You were both so much fun and it was a joy to watch you in action in our home, our church and on the dance floor. You put everyone at ease and made our guests feel special, especially my Mom, who still loves a camera at 81.Our daughter has never looked more radiant. The love Laura and Eric share was so clear in every carefully chosen frame. Thank you for being a part of their day and for giving our family, memories to treasure forever.

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