Jill and Chris are married. and ridiculously good looking.

Unfortunately for the rest of the human race, Jill and Chris are no longer on the market. Fortunately for me and Max, we were able to document one of our favorite weddings ever. These two are so insanely perfect for one another that it’s both inspiring and sickening all at the same time. They look like they could be brother and sister which adds to the whole belonging together thing. They’re gorgeous, funny, sweet, laid back, caring, quirky, fit, humble, and share a love so obviously rooted with friendship, trust, and respect that it’s an honor be in their company. Jill is the girl that every guy aaaand girl wants to date (sexuality is just a spectrum. get over it), and Chris is the guy that every father wishes for his daughter to marry. Max and I have had a real bad couple crush on these two since their engagement session, and now we’re border line awkward in love with them. it’s fine.

Aside from being head over heels for these two, their wedding alone was an all time favorite. I’m in love with every bridesmaid and groomsman, their families were sweet and welcoming, the weather was perfect, Jill and Chris were up for anything and planned plenty of time for photographs. After the ceremony there was an extra hour spent at the Harpoon Brewery, followed by a hilariously fun party at the Exchange Conference Center. The dance floor was packed all night with happy, hammered, dance offs, the crazy booth pictures are some of my favorites of all time, and our feet hurt so bad from dancing that we had ourselves wondering if we actually have tooooo much fun at work. Thank you so much. We love every single one of ya’.

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