Kristen and Ed: special folk find each other.

I can’t imagine finding a single person who knows Kristen or Ed disagreeing with the sentiment that Kristen and Ed are awesome.  They’re both ridiculously nice, easy to smile and laugh, really smart, super successful, kind, generous, and cool.  And funny.  Did I just exhaust every positive adjective?  Oh shit, and gorgeous.  Almost forgot, but you’ll just see for yourself.    Ya, they found each other at some sort of gathering of folks who are albino in 2007, became friends, and then fell in love soon thereafter.   I could not be happier  that they found each other because both of these people are such shiny, bright stars.   I could have made a 20 minute slide show of photographs of Ed just literally staring at Kristen.  The dude is so madly in love with her it’s awe inspiring.  We’ve never seen anything like it… and we’re wedding photographers.   Ya, so they got married at St Cecilia’s in Boston by a priest name Father John who I have an incredibly inappropriate crush on.  I write about it every time I photograph there so I hope he’s reading this RIGHT NOW!!! Hi Father John!:)  Their reception was at The Langham Hotel.  We talked a security guard into letting us into a closed office lobby and took my favorite group formal picture of all time.:)It was a really great day that day and I am very happy for both Kristen and Ed.

thank you. love. good luck. have a blast.:)

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