Giselle and Andy. Married.

Oh look, a young John Travolta married the really pretty Italian chick.  And we was there.


Andy and Giselle had an extreeemely fun wedding at The State Room, which has to be the coolest venue in town.  And their ceremony was at the cathedral of Holy Cross in the South End which is a place we’ve never shot, but have always wanted to.  Hot Knights was their band who are the very best in the business… so ya, all around they just had a really good, really fun, super beautiful wedding.  What made it extraordinary, as always, is the fact that Andy and Giselle are madly in love and have been for six years and their friends and family are RIDICULOUS on the amazing front.   They’re funny, good dancers, really nice, and super cool.  What more can a girl ask for.

The dude who sings the National Anthem at Bruins games was there to surprise Andy which was as hilarious and random as it sounds.  And Cyndi let me sit on her shoulders so I could get a great shot of the girls earlier in the day.  Among many other moments, those are the ones that are making me smile as I write this in our dark and silent studio tonight.

Good wedding alert, indeed.  Giselle and Andy, thank you for your trust.  Love to both of you and good luck.

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