Dana and Phil. Hitched.

hooty hoooo! ridiculously good looking, smart, nice, fun, awesome people found eachother, fell in love, and got married. We were there to witness. We brought our cameras. Dana and Phil had their wedding on one of the prettiest days of the year at one of the prettiest places in Massachusetts. Take a left on the Mass Pike and an hour later you’ll be a little past Worcester and right around the corner from the Tower Hill Botanic Garden. I’m sorry, what? This place has gardens and gardens and gardens and fountains and stone statue babies, and a lake, and a mountain, and a sunset so pretty I couldn’t breathe. Throw in a room full of good looking, hilarious, drunk dancing, friends?? stop. We had so much fun at this wedding it’s actually hard to explain.

Dana and Phil were silly easy to photograph.  Aside from absolutely beaming with happiness and laughter, they look insanely perfect together. Phil gave a speech that will forever keep him at the top of my grooms list, and Dana laughed all day. Isn’t it fun when someone laughs at your jokes? I’m not that funny… Dana thinks I am. I love Dana. I also genuinely miss every single one of her bridesmaids (as does max… obv). The whole damn wedding was amazing. I could go on but let’s be real, you’re sick of reading. it’s late. Look at pictures and go to bed happy 😉 xo

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