Sara and Matt: Fun. Engaged.

Yay!  Sara and Matt were up visiting from Philly last weekend and all was well with the perfect Fall weather and a great couple.   These two snuggles of love and cuteness are getting married at The Mandarin Oriental in August and we’re psssyyyyched to be there.  Matt and Sara have been together for 6 years already and their best friendship is so obvious and so awesome to be around.  All we did was laugh and tease each other and laugh some more.  I love that… I can never imagine how couples work out if they don’t make each other laugh so when I see a couple who is always in laughter I know all is well.

Can’t wait to see you guys in August.  Thank you so much!  Good luck with med school and wedding planning, Sara!  Sounds like it’ll be a relaxing year!:)LOVE YOU!!!

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