Mallory and Harrison. One of our favorite weddins’.

About once a year Ben and I will be thigh-high in shooting a wedding and we’ll look at each other and one of us will start to say, ‘This is my dream wedding.”  We never even get past the first word because the other one is already announcing that he or I thought of it first.  This is that wedding for us.

Since I’m a wedding PRO-FESSSSIONAL I’ll reveal all the details of this wedding that helped make it so great:

1.  Backyard wedding and outdoor ceremony.  God created backyards, kids.  Get on it.  He also created things like sunshine, big trees, a light breeze, and a place called Cape Cod.:)

2. Ceremony and reception at the same location.  Travel logistics is a fancy way to say buzz kill.

3.  Open bar.  If that’s a newsflash to you I am so sorry.

4. Sick music.  Miss Diane Blue and her band murrrrrdered it.  Hire her.

5. Buffet dinner.  A delicious, healthy, light buffet helps your guests get off their really dressed up asses and dance more.  Sit down dinners are, on average, three hours long.  If your guests want a three hour dinner they can make reservations at Menton

6. Well, the sixth reason this was an awesome wedding is because of Harrison and Mallory, which is really the #1 reason so let’s get to it…

Harrison and Mallory are such incredibly cool, kind, smart, funny, generous, talented, gorgeous people with SUCH great friends and SUCH great families I just wanted to be adopted (only kidding, mom!).

Ya, they’re just the coolest people with the coolest families, what can I say?! For all that it’s worth, by cool I mean kind.  I’ve been noticing that people may think when I say cool I mean that they think they’re cool or something.  Weird. That kind is just the ‘cool kid’ in 80s flicks.  Cool, to us, means a blend of kind, generous with their gratitude and love, and funny.  Which is what Harrison and Mallory are. They’re smart and successful and good looking, and absolutely MOST importantly these two people are best friends.  No neediness, no possessiveness, no insecurity, no posing for the camera.   They’re best friends who will truly spend their lives together.  Man, it was such an honor to be there.

Ben and I are extremely proud of giving these two beautiful human beings these photographs of the beginning of their marriage.  Thank you both.  Good luck and HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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