Laura and Vasanth. marrrrrried.

Oh snap! Hitched is breaking out of the catholic church and doin’ all sorts of cool shit. Laura and Vasanth’s wedding was so much fun I could go on all night (I won’t). Vasanth is Indian which means Laura doused herself henna and donned some gorgeous jewelery. Laura is American and Jewish and awesome so Vasanth was breakin glass and doing the Hora like he was born to do it.

There were so many rad things happening at this wedding it’s hard to explain. Before the ceremony there’s the baraat. It’s a traditional processional for the groom where his guests essentially deliver him to the ceremony on horseback. We’re on the waterfront… ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, Vasanth, all of his friends, and pretty much every guest at the wedding marched this man across the street and down fish pier 6 to the ceremony to the beat of a few drums. I was in a full on fist pump for at least half of it. Their ceremony was a combination of everything you want and more. Traditions from so many different cultures that I’m not even going to pretend I knew about them. A good friend of theirs read words from the brilliant Dr. Seuss. It’s a toss up whether Id rather hear “oh the places you’ll go” or the reading about how woman comes from the mans ribs… but I’ll let you guess which one wins. So many smiles and emotions and cheers for these two. Their party went all night and everyone had an absolute blast.

Laura and Vasanth, it was such an honor to document this for you. Thank you so much for the love and trust. Miss you guys already. xo

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