Norman and Scott. Finally married ;)

Norman and Scott were married in P-town three weeks ago, and we had the enormous honor of photographing it. To say I’m proud of this wedding is a bit of an understatement. I have been floating on happiness for almost a month for Norman and Scott, for the state of Massachusetts, and for every single person who gets to marry the person they love. Norman and Scott surrounded themselves with 65 of the most important people in their lives and celebrated everything they’ve been loving about each other for the past decade.

The entire day was a highlight of the year, but here’s a few gems. Their ceremony was one of the most raw, intimate, emotional ceremonies I’ve witnessed,  and by that I mean every single person in the room was balling, myself included. I think Max might have teared up a little too, but he made some comment about sand in his eye. I don’t know. The ceremony and reception were held at the Red Inn in Provincetown which is gorgeous, on the water, and includes 8 guest rooms that are so beautiful you’d die to live there. The staff was incredible and I can’t even tell you about the food. We were served hot perfect to order meals and sat at a table in the same room as the guests. Thank you. The dance party was made possible by Guy from NuImage. Turns out we recommend NuImage to every couple and they’ve finally started to listen. Half way through the night when I felt like I was about to be in the middle of a drag show I turned to Max and said “this dude is killlllllling the music!”… no shit, cyndi, that’s why we recommend them. Most importantly, this wedding was about Norman and Scott. It’s hard to put into words how happy we are for these two. It is so easy to see how much love and support surround them, and it is a perfect depiction of their character. If I continue to blab about them I’ll cry again and I’ve already cried like 12 times editing these pictures and watching their slideshow, which is wayyyy over my quota for the year of 2013. Lets just look at pictures, shall we?

This blog post if fulllll of an emotional ceremony and a killlllllller dance party starring about 63 men and 2 women. Hope you’re into that sort of thing. Thank you. Love more than you know. xooxox.

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