Kate and Dave. Married.

Well, well, well, if two of the nicest, smartest folks didn’t up and find one another.  Don’ you love that shit? When people truly get the happiness and love they deserve?  It’s the best.

Ya, so that’s Kate and Dave.  Kate manages a bunch of Whole Foods stores and Dave is a freelance writer.  Both are legitimately the two nicest people in the galaxy.  I checked.   They got married up at Wellesley College where Kate (and Hillary Clinton) went (not at the same time).   I hear they let pretty much anyone in there.  More of a safety school, really….

Their reception was held at The Charles Hotel and Tracy from Tangorra Events ran the show super tight with the friendliest yummiest touch ever.  She’s the OTHER nicest person in the galaxy.  Hire a wedding planner, by the way. It’s worth it.

ya, so all is well with the world if you ask me.  Kate and Dave are tucked away together, they have wonderful lives ahead of them, and they’re going to continue to be successful and wonderful and loved.


Thank you, guys.  We love you.


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