Eric and Veronica. Hitched.

Meet our friends Eric and Veronica. Their hilariously fun wedding was a month ago and we’ve been missin them ever since. Eric sent us an email the day after his wedding. It’s always super cool to get a thank you email from a couple before they even leave for their honeymoon. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does we’re extremely honored and proud. Eric not only thanked us, but had us laughing out loud. Here’s part of what he wrote:

“…..we can’t wait to see the photos…they are gonna be ill. Sorry…ill is the word of the day for me, not because I am feeling ill…because I was around more than a few people last night that told me the wedding was ill. You guys are the best, everyone in our bridal party told us how relaxed and funny you both are…which we said…no fuckin shit…that’s why we hired them and did not waste our time hiring fat, ugly, old photographers who smell bad and take terrible standard cookie-cutter photos.

In case you are wondering, and you aren’t, we love Eric and Veronica. When we say you should have fun at your wedding, we mean it. Have a receiving line if it means you don’t have to walk to all the tables, or have a first look so we can get you to your cocktail hour, or do what Veronica and Eric did and invite only people that you love and people that love you so that as you’re having fun every other person is too. It’s just a big fun love fest on the dance floor and no one feels guilty about it. Open bars help too. just sayin’.

Eric and Veronica were married at the St. Mary’s, or Catherine’s, or Martha’s, or one of those pretty catholic lady’s chapel on site at the Wayside inn. A horse and buggy drove them across the street where we ran around the mill and took gorgeous peak foliage pictures. Eric and Veronica danced a sweet slow dance then broke out into a perfectly choreographed salsa then finished it off with soulja boy. I know I said it already, but we love them. The rest of the night was full of martinis and crab cakes and I’m not even close to mad about it. Thank you guys. We love you, we miss you. xooxox

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