Ashley and Sean. hitched.

Sooooo I have a thing for vineyards. Red wine tastes better at a vineyard with perfect foliage and sunsets and fire pits. I mean red wine tastes pretty damn good coming from a box if we’re gonna get picky, but the vineyard definitely adds a nice touch. Ashley and Sean had a perfect perfect perfect wedding at La Belle Winery in Amherst and I find myself smiling from ear to ear every time i think of it. Ashley made every single decision right. The place, the guests, the time of year, the details. She had a first look, an outdoor ceremony, a comfortable dress, best friends in every direction, a killer DJ, and an open bar. If there has ever been a recipe for a wedding this broad just won an award. The weather that day was perfectly cloudy and the sun came out at sunset. The sun came out at sunset. what? good things happen to good people, kids.

Aside from all the details of this wedding the most important part and easiest to see is the love and support and generosity of this family. Ashley and Sean are a favorite by a longggg shot. They’re relaxed, confident, sweet, smart, funny, and crazy in love. Their families are f*ing awesome. I mean, not that I didn’t already know that. Ashley’s sister gave a speech by way of rapping to the beat of the Fresh Prince of Belair, and her brother had no clothes on at the end of the night. #mykindoffamily. The night was absolutely perfect, and we are extremely proud and honored to have captured it for them. Love you guys to the moon. xo

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