Monica and Alex. It’s a love fest.

Monday’s are my new favorite day of the week. Nothin’ better than coffee and blogging about one of my favorite couples of all time. I’ve never felt so relaxed and comfortable shooting a wedding in my whole life. Just hangin’ with friends, dancing, smiling, and taking pictures. Is this real life? That’s what it felt like to be at Monica and Alex’s wedding. It’s the kind of friendship that makes me wonder how I haven’t actually known them for years.

Monica and Alex are soul mates like you dream about. It’s so amazing to have two people that are so similar, yet somehow be everything that the other is not. These two literally complete each other. They are sweet and kind, funny, outgoing, loyal, honest, and gorgeous. It was a huge Verity/Capobianco love fest that came together around two of the best people on this planet. I would be extremely proud to be from either of these families and we are so so honored to have documented it.

The wedding was at the Winslow estate in Chatham, MA. Wanna know what’s cool? Renting a huge mansion for you and all your friends and throwing a sick sick party which also happens to be your wedding. There wasn’t a person at this wedding in their chair thanks to Marty from NuImage (huge surprise). There were handstands, the worm, hair whipping, a whole bunch of random shark stuff, and some crazy hats. Absolutely everyone, including us of course, had the best night ever. Couldn’t possibly be happier for these two. Thank you so much. love.

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