Christina and Tim. Weddin.

We love photographing the Altieri girls because their weddings are so steeped in deep tradition.  Christina and Tim married in the church in the North End where *four*generations of Christina’s family were married.   Her dad played the piano in their living room as they got dressed, just like he did at Diana’s wedding a few years ago.  I took the photo of their family on the front step of their family home.   I love this because it’s so different than anything I know, and I so totally appreciate it’s beauty.  In fact, I’m oddly quite envious of the family ties that breed this kind of tradition.  It takes generations of strong families to make a tradition, as you know.  And, as far as I can tell, making strong families is no small task.  Awesome work, Altieri’s.  And thank you for trusting us with capturing it.  It means the world.

Ya, so Christina and Tim got married on the coldest day in human history.  Naaa, I’m just kiddin, but it was kinda chilly.  Their friends were rockstars and never once complained. LOVE seeing friends step UP for their friend’s special days.  Strong friend ties I got for days so I’m always a huge fan of seeing it.:)   They were wed at St Leo’s in the North End and then pahhhtied wicked hahd kehd over at The World Trade Center.  woot woot.   Everything was absolutely perfect. duh.

Thank you so much, you guys.  Good luck. Love.

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