Tania and Russ. engaged. and adorable.

Wouldn’t feel like wedding season if I wasn’t in a full blown love fest with every couple. Tania and Russ are noooooo exception. I remember being slightly obsessed with them after their inital meeting and slightly obsessed has almost turned awkward now that I’ve spent a little time photographing them. Remember last Sunday when it was like 10 degrees with a -6000 degree wind chill factor? That’s when we were photographing Tania and Russ. Thankfully they have the best apartment everrrrrrr in Charlestown so we started there. It’s probably a good thing it was a god damn tornado outside and we had to end the shoot orĀ  I would have stayed with these two all day.

Tania is what we like to call… camera shy. Which makes you want to actuallllly punch her in the face because she’s so pretty it’s sick. She has the cutest style and face and smile… and I feel like I’m hitting on her so I’ll stop now. Russ is so handsome and cool and sweet and funny that I think Max might even be in love with him. They started drinking at like 10 am to prepare for the shoot. Once again… I love them. The whole time they just looked at each other and giggled and hugged and told each other they were being awkward and then giggled some more. I was jumping around dancing and yelling absurdities. Partly because I was beyond hungover, but mostly because that’s what happens when I fall off the deep end in love with a couple. Tania and Russ, you guys aren’t creeped out yet, right? We love you. just sayin’.

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