Hanson and Ashley. Engaged.

Soooo… this was some sort of heart explosion for me.  Chris Hanson is my guy best friend and Ben Wight is my guy best friend aaaaand Ben photographed (Chris) Hanson.  Iiiiiiii prettymuchdied.  Hanson’s amazingly wonderful aunt and uncle live out here in Milton so he and his lovely, beautiful, fun, smart fiancee Ashley came out here to visit.  Ben and I photographed them on Christmas Eve outside the beautiful Milton home.   Ben and I will be photographing their nuptials in about a year in San Francisco.  My heart will actually literally explode that day.  I could go on and on for many pages about my friendship with Hanson and how much I love and adore him, but he hates that shit and I already bawled my eyes out at their dinner table on Christmas Eve so I’ll chill on the effusive outpouring of love… until next year. :)

Enjoy. Thank you. Love.

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