Julianne and Chris. Married.

There is absolutely nothing better than photographing a bride who is so cool and laid back and happy that there is a 0% chance a rain drop will ruin her wedding day. Julie is just that. In fact I actually forgot it was raining at all. Apparently mother nature did too because she flashed us with a ridiculous sunset just when we wanted a few pics of our happy couple. ohhh snap. Julianne and Chris were married out in the Berkshires at the gorgeous Cranwell Estate. Im not sure if that place was made on planet rad but it should have been. It’s a huge…. house? complete with a golf course and guest houses and beautiful meets old fashioned. damn.

We couldn’t be happier for these two. There are times when Im waiting and waiting and waiting to see a cute glance at a ceremony, or a wink, or a smile. I had so many pictures of these two giggling it was almost too easy. That’s my favorite kind of ceremony. just sayin’. Julie and Chris are sweet and adorable and totally crazy in love. We wish you both all the best. thank you. love.

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