Kristina and Elliot. Married in Puerto Rico.

Well, ohhhhhh sssssnap…. Looks like Ben and I hit the wedding jackpot with this one. Sorry to everyone who played and didn’t win.:)

Ya, so Kristina and Elliot got married at The Ritz Carlton. Heard of it?  The one right there on the beach in Puerto Rico.   AWESOME!!!  And right smack dab in the middle of the mild and glorious winter of 2014, no less.  What a shame!

We were lucky enough to be asked to photograph this momentous and beautiful event because Kristina and I have a very (VERY) generous, cool, kind mutual friend.  This mutual friend gave Kristina some Hitched Studios as a wedding gift and the rest was history.  (insert 40 smiley faces, a host of exclamation marks and that flamenco dancer emoji in the red dress).
The wedding was gorgeous, of course, as weddings often are, but this one was special for many reasons.  First, there was a rainbow at the ceremony AND a monsoon as Kristina started walking down the aisle.  How’s your double good luck?  Good, thank you, how’s yours?  The rest of the party was hilariously hammered and fun and full of truly gifted dancers both in and out of flip flops.  And it was at The Ritz so everyone already feels semi baller just being there which makes for a good party.
The best part of the wedding, we gotta say, was/is the blushing bride and her groom.  Kristina is ultra chill and cool, easy to please, loves to party, incredibly welcoming and inclusive, absolutely gorgeous, and nice to everyone.  She was a server in Boston for years at Toro and Coppa and a large percentage of guests were her regulars from those restaurants.    Have you been to your waitress’ wedding?  Me, neither.  But, everyone we asked said ‘I was her regular, then I became very close with her family.’ as if that was something people did.  That’s just a testament to both the regular customers AND Kristina, Elliot, and the family.  Just a bunch of good people finding each other if you ask me.
Ya, awesome.  Let’s look atta couple a’ photos, shall we?
Thank you to everyone who made our weekend very, very special:  Andy, Kristina, Elliot, the entire Tang family, Jamie, Justin, Geneva, Abby, Christie, Jesse, Mark, Gerome, the justice of the peace, Corinthians (look it up yourself), the rainbow, and the monsoon.  And the bartender who broke the glass in the well Thursday night.  Thank you big time to that guy.

Love and peace to all. Always.


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