Jane and Danny. Hitcheddd.

Oh snap… we’re back at it. So our favorite couple of the year got married a few weeks ago. No… it’s not just because it’s our first wedding of the year, it’s because it’s Jane and Danny and they rooockkkk. It’s just a bonus that they decided to get married at the museum of science which is topping our charts as the coolest spot in the city to host a weddin’.

So, meet Jane and Danny. He’s a 6’somethin’ red headed firefighter and she’s a 5’nothin Asian chick that missed her calling as a wedding planner. #perfectbride. They’re cool and calm, sweet and quirky, emotional but never stressed, crazy in love, and they love bacon. When these two procreate there’s gonna be the cutest lil tall ginger asians running around and if you think anyone else is photographing them you must be off your rocker. Jane was so prepared for this day it went off without a hitch. The hotel was perfect, the venue was perfect, the families were perfect, their vows were original and sweet, their wedding cake was made out of maple bacon donuts, they gave us extra time to photograph them, and after the eleventythousandth day of winter, mother nature decided to pull out some 60 degree weather for us. What a gem. For the record I took home three donuts. judge me. It feels real good to be back at this and to start the year with such an awesome couple. Jane and Danny, thank you so much. Love you both to pieces. xo.

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