Jules and Sean. Married up right in Jamaica

whoop whoop!  Jules and Sean just married their best friend!  Which is to say they married one another, if that wasn’t clear.  And I REALLY want to do a great job on this blog post because I love these two people, but not whoop not whoop I’m kindof hungover because I have a friend in from out of town and we overdid it on the vino rojo last night.  Which is kinda perfect since you can probably imagine that everyone at this wedding drank quite a bit at the all inclusive resort in Jamaica with all their friends and family.  Sooooo… lemme just grab my Bubba Keg full of something delicious called a Dirty Banana and I’ll get on being effusive with how awesome Jules and Sean are.

Jules and Sean got married in Jamaica and 80 people came to celebrate with them.  Right there that should tell you a lot.  Jules and Sean are:  loved, lovely, funny, fun, cool, smart, generous, kind, and wicked fat.   Pretty much everyone they love spent thousands and thousands of dollars to watch these two people get married.  Assholes can’t pull those kindof numbers.  And you know who gets married at resorts on islands where the national flower is marijuana (not a true fact)?  People who look good in a bathing suit and like to party.  That actually *is* a fact.  Minus all the Jimmy Buffet fans that flock to all inclusive resorts, but I digress.   Hang with me, people.

So how did we get this gig, you might be thinking to yourself.  We know Jules and Sean because they were guests at a wedding we shot in 2010.  Isn’t that nice? Ya, that wedding was Cyndi’s wedding.  As in Cyndi of Hitched Studios (that’s her full, god given name now).   Things, as you might have deduced, went really well at that wedding and we hired the bride three years later.  We ripped Cyndi (actually full, god given name is Cyndonia) from the great state of Virginia (which rhymes with) and away from her bestie Jules.   Jules, rather than plotting to harm Ben and I, decided to hire us for she and Seano’s wedding a couple weeks ago.   So, there ya have it.  Ain’t life rad?

Jules and Sean were actually born to be married.  It’s weird.   Absolute and utter best friends, they’re super fun to be around.  They have everything in common, they’re super cool and nice and supportive of each other, they party like they’re 28 years old (heh heh heh), and they actually suck the body fat off each other and spit it into the grass outside their rental property.  They’re awesome.  I mean… what else do you want me to say here?  She’s a fit, non judgmental, soccer player chick so basically we have nothing in common outside my gnawing envy of her ass.   And Sean is a doll.  From what his mama tells me he was born that way.   Ain’t life rad?

Good luck, kids.  Thank you again.   You’re the best, it was an honor. Peace.


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