Emer and Brendan. Married at The Boston Public Library

Aww man, if you’re a female, no matter who you are or where you grew up or who you’ve ever loved, you have had *at least* one seriously awesome day dream of a fairy tale wedding.  I can confidently say that this wedding was that very fairy tale.  I mean… what can I say here besides the fact that it was absolutely gorgeous and perfect, fun and delicious, special and romantic, full of humor and friends and love and family.  It was perfect.

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross in the South End of Boston is the biggest Catholic church in New England, President Obama spoke there last year, the Pope was there in the 70s, and most importantly Emer and Brendan got married there last weekend.  I’ll have to update the wikipedia page now that I think of it.

Their reception followed at the other place that’s sortof photogenic, The Boston Public Library.  Every time I set foot in that place I’m absolutely blown away by it’s beauty.  I can hardly believe I’m allowed to photograph in there.  Jessica and James from The Catered Affair over at The BPL ran the show and put on the most perfect event ever in the history of things.  Their band was Beantown so the party was ridiculously high energy and hilarious and fun and perfect.  Oh ya, and Emer wore a dress made by Jenny Packham and is only the prettiest girl on planet face.  Dani Wagener did her makeup, Long Haul shot the video.  Yeaaaa… told ya.  It was perfect.

Before I sign off here, I have to mention one more thing.  This wedding could have been held in a basement and it still would have been bursting at the seams with love.  These two people are from two of the nicest, coolest, most generous and loving families we’ve ever worked with.  They are kind and smart and good, and it was a true honor to be able to do this for them.  I loved every parent, every sibling, every grandparent.   I fell asleep with a smile.

Good luck, kids.  Not that you need any.  The whole world is yours, light it up with love.

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