Kristin and Andy. Married at Willowdale Estate

When she was growing up, Kristin MacGregor’s house was one of those houses where everyone hung out.  You know the ones: the parents are super cool and nice, the brother is sweet, Kristin is inclusive and hilarious and really nice, the food is always good, and let’s face it.. she has a pool.    It’s the cool house, everyone wants to be there, and you sortof wish her parents were your parents (hi mom!).  When Kristin was a senior in high school her dad lost the battle with cancer.  I obviously wasn’t around, but I can tell you that I’m sure it ripped the heart out of everyone that loved that family…which is everyone who has every met the MacGregors.  To know them is to love them, it is as simple as that.  From what I can tell it made all the bonds of family and friendship just stronger and tighter.   Instead of flipping out, everyone went in.  Closer, tighter, more love, more laughter, more of everything everyone needed.

Fast forward another 16 years and Kristin married Andy on *the* most perfect May afternoon at a stone castle in Topsfield called Willowdale Estate.  The world was in full bloom, the rain held off until everyone was safely under the tent for the party, and there was not a dry eye at the ceremony or the speeches or the father/daughter dance which became the brother/sister dance.:)  Kristin credits her dad for the perfect weather and the perfect day, as he seems to still pull through whenever she needs to call in a big favor.  When her (f*cking awesome) mom was giving her toast and mentioned Kristin’s dad, an enormous roll of thunder cracked in the sky and a very heavy rain pounded on the tent while her mother (and let’s face it…her father) finished the toast.  What a dad!

No surprise to anyone, Kristin has found the greatest guy in Andy.  He’s funny and self deprecating, super sweet, and very supportive.  He has 700 friends and everyone loves him.  From all accounts he and Kristin’s love has been a blessing for both of them and I see nothing but blue skies ahead.

Kristin and Andy, it was a true honor to be trusted to photograph your wedding.  Your wedding day reminded us of why we do this.  Your love and your personalities and your families are a deep inspiration to both Ben and myself.  We’ll remember you both forever and thoughts of your wedding day will bring a smile from deep within.

Good luck out there.  Be good to each other.  Love.


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