Love notes

Tara and Ben,

I’m drunk from looking at photos right now. They are beautiful and I feel almost the same as I did at my wedding. I’m so happy that my wedding happened andI’m not sad that it’s over because I knew I’d have photos like this to bring me back to that day.
I have done some mass emails and some facebook posting of the photos and of the blog and there has been an outpour of compliments and awe. People really have never seen pictures i.e. art as beautiful as this.
Thank you both so much. I’d like to say these are better than I expected but they’re not. They are perfection and that’s exactly what I’d knew you two could do.

Tara!! We LOOOVE the photos! Somehow you’ve captured the greatest shot from each moment! The lighting, the focus, the energy in the photos are amazing and totally brings us back to the night! We also loved the slideshow you put together. Definitely some of our favorites! Those pictures of us eating cake are hilarious! You both definitely got our silly side in the photos. We love it. You must get a work out on these nights because you guys got everyone, everywhere!

-Ramez Haddadin

THANK YOU again for being the most wonderful, friendly, talented, GIFTED, people that you are.  I have watched the slide show on your website 3 times this morning, and each time, I tear up (but I don’t cry, because men don’t cry, right!?!).  I’m really hoping that, because you are both so creative and artistic, that you’ll be able to piece together what I’m feeling right now, because God knows I’m never going to be ever to accurately express exactly what that feeling is.  But, basically, its like a dream.  I said it last night, and I’ll say it again.  Its like I went to my own wedding again.  The pictures you guys got are nothing short of amazing.  I totally missed seeing some people at our wedding, and you guys got them, and I can absolutely tell that they are having fun.  And the other thing is (and I really don’t know how to explain this…) I couldn’t be more impressed with how your shots tell a story about each person.  I look at pictures of my nephews, and I just “know” what they’re thinking.  I look at my parents, and the same thing happens.  It’s incredible.  It’s just incredible.  I’m not great with words, but here’s one I know.  I love you guys.  You are awesome, and I simply CANNOT imagine what our wedding day would have been like without you.  And when I think about all of those times in the future when Liz and I will sit down and look at the wedding photos, I am SO THANKFUL that those photos came from you.  They will instantly spark a memory of how much fun we had that day, remind me of how great it feels to squeeze my wife close with all of “our world” watching, and they will bookmark the day when we met two of the most fantastic, genuine, and fun people on this earth.  I’ll never be able to thank you guys enough.

–Todd Lancaster

Tara and Ben,

I don’t even know where to start. These pictures are amazing. The slideshow made me cry (in a good way of course!) and the fact that you picked one of my FAVORITE Dave songs made me love you two even more!! You both did an amazing job, and I don’t even think the word amazing does justice to the work you both do. Dave and I are in love with you guys. We want to get married again just to have you hang out with us and take more pictures (and of course party with!!). So far everyone who has seen them feels the exact same way. You have a true talent and we couldn’t have asked for a better pair of photographers to be apart of our day and lives. Thank you a million times over!! I really hope that there will be another time that we can use you two again.
Love always
Kate & Dave
Dear Tara and Ben,
Lew and I just returned from our honeymoon in Thailand and were thrilled to have a glance at these first set of photos from you.  I did not think it was possible for pictures to capture the emotion and movement that we experienced that day. However, you proved me wrong as these pictures brought us right back into the day with tears, dancing and all.  Thank you both for your work and respecting all of our photographic wishes.
Many, many thanks again.
Lucila (& Lew).

Ben and Tara,

I couldn’t bear to go for 10 days (honeymoon) without reiterating how thankful I am that you were at our wedding.
The entire wedding day would have been different if you two weren’t there. You added to the day the minute you showed up at the hotel. Through getting ready and formal shots, the entire bridal party was having a blast. Almost every person there told me they had girl or man crushes on each of you. I can’t imagine having had any one else there while I got ready.
You’re both wonderful people that I’ve secretly wanted to be best friends with upon first meeting you in Central Sq. I literally would tell my friends, “Maybe we’ll run into my photographers at Peoples Republik” if we were out and about in the area.
Love love love,
Jessie and Adam

Dear Tara and Ben,

The wedding photographs – WOW!  You both did a fabulous job of making people comfortable, capturing the mood of the event and the personalities of the individuals who attended the wedding.  Everyone was amazed at the variety of photos you took and how you seemed to get a photo of absolutely everything.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing one of hte most important days in our lives in such a professional and comprehensive manner that we will forever be able to cherish.

-Jenn and John Queally

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June 22, 2011 - 7:23 pm

Kristi Bonifacio - Hi Tara and Ben,
Thank you for coming all the way to the Finger Lakes for Lisa’s wedding. It was such a joy to have you both for our photographers! You are so awesome and we love you both! Can’t wait to see the photographs, I will know they will be amazing!
God Bless You!

June 27, 2013 - 7:29 am

Kristen - You guys are truly amazing! I was a bridesmaid in Katie and Dennis’ wedding and I was SO impressed and amazed by how incredible your team was. Tara came in to meet us all like we’d known her for years – so friendly that one of the bridesmaids who missed her entrance was like “Wait, do we know her?” So incredible. I know who I’ll be going to for photos when the big day comes for me :)


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