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Kristyn and Garrett!

YAAAAY!!  Absolutely AWESOME couple alert!  Man, oh man, just thinking about these two cats makes me smile.  Garrett and Kristyn met out and about… he’s a hard working carpenter from Maine, and she’s a f*cking city babe who works for the Red Sox.  They are so hot together and are so good for each other their shoot inspired me to fall in love myself (which has been super successful and I’m way happy and falling in love..so THANK YOU).   We met at their sweet place in the Charlestown Navy Yard, and buzzed around that area while the Pats game was being TiVo’d.:) This scheduling fact made the Navy Yard our personal playground utterly void of human beings.  perfect.

These two get married in Maine in June, and I will be there with bells on.  I absolutely cannot wait to see them get married.  I wouldn’t wish their beautiful love on two better people.  For real.  Love you guys.  THANK YOU!


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Alexa and Matt: Engaged in Scituate, MA

Woop Woop.  Three cheers for the most gorgeous Autumn weather of all time!  We picked (we meaning Alexa) picked the most gorgeous November day for her and Matt’s engagement shoot, and we had such a good time!  Matt is from Scituate, and Alexa randomly has a bunch of college friends that are from Scituate so Alexa and Matt met at a party there some years back.   They recently bought their first home there (rad!) and in lieu of a honeymoon they’re buying a BOAT!!  How awesome is that, right?  I’m STOKED they didn’t forego the wedding, which will be where Alexa grew up.. which is… oh, ya know.. in THE FOUR SEASONS in Boston!!!!  How awesome is THAT, right?  Don’t be mad she grew up in the Four Seasons and you didn’t, though!   She’s ultra, ultra chill and beautiful and really quick to laugh and self deprecating and gorgeous and fun and generous.   I’m sure it was a real nuisance being a child growing up across the street from the swan boats, right?   Mmmm, maybe not, but still…:)

Love these two cats.  And I cannot wait for April for their wedding! Stay tuned!! and THANK YOU! love!!

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Ann Marie and Hani: engaged to be married in Hawaii!

Welp, some girls get all the luck.  Which is what I assume Ann Marie says to her own reflection every single day as she walks out the door on her gorgeous legs over to the hospital where she’s an OBGYN.  Sure glad utter babes like Ann Marie and Hani find their way to me because they make me look reeeeal good.   We started the shoot in their adorable apartment in the South End and then headed downtown in the pouring rain (which made great photos) to Stoddard’s on Temple Place. The manager there was cool enough to let us  shoot in their downstairs space as they set up for dinner service.  That was SUPER cool of him so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Huge love to both of you guys, Ann Marie and Hani!  I sure hope to see you over in Hawaii in 2017!!!!  LOVE!


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Tommy and Liz: one of my best friends marries his best friend at Wave Hill in New York.

I cannot begin to write genuinely about this wedding and this couple.  Instead I’m going to cut and paste an email I wrote to them four days after their wedding when Tommy wrote and thanked us again.

Here goes:

Well, if it isn’t Mr and Mrs Lionelli!

Oh man, your wedding was a major highlight… like, of life.  There’s nothing like feeling part of your families the second I walk in, and then part of your celebration the whole night long.  By the way, it FLEW by, didn’t it?  We shot for 9 hours and it felt like 3 hours.  That’s a good sign!
Your friends are fucking killer!  I loved EVERYONE I wasn’t already friends with.  And your families!?  HOLY SHIT!!!  Your moms?  Stop it.  Your sisters?  No, like STOP IT.  Tommy, I made your dad cry when I told him who you are in the world and talked about how gorgeous your mom is.  That was a nice moment.  :) And Liz, your dad was everywhere, right?  I mean… it’s stupid to even say because it’s so obvious.  You are madly loved.
I actually thought the ceremony in the dark was cool and pretty damn romantic.   Like some ancient druid type shit.   As you can probably imagine that’s a really tough photography challenge since photography depends on light..of which there was none.:)  But, I have looked at those photographs and you’re all good.  All the key shots are in focus and exposed and we’re good.   I feel like if you had planned on being married in the dark  a bunch of candles and twinkly lights and shit would have been cool.  But, this is monday morning quarterback type stuff. But like you… we talked about the wedding for hours, too…and we mentioned that.:)
Oh, ya know what really stood out for me?  The Wave Hill staff, food, and timing.  Basically anything to do with Wave Hill was fucking TOP NOTCH.  There was A LOT of people in the room and the steak (which I LITERALLY cleaned the plate of) was warm and delicious and perfectly cooked.  My wine class was always full (hard workin’ girl that I am), and the ice cream cake and other chocolates were to die for.  I’m so thin.
The shots I have looked at (first sighting, speeches, etc) choked me up pretty good.  The way my friend, Tommy, looks at his wife is from a bottomless well of enduring, endless love.  You two are gorgeous together, and to know either of you is to absolutely love you.
And ELIZABETH LIONELLI!?!?!?   Grrrrrrrrl, you looked FUCKING AMAZING!!!  For real, girl.  That FUCKINGGGGG dress!?!?!   And you worked so damn hard for so many months to be some sort of rail thin type shit, and everything was PERFECT!!!  Gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS.  Like prettier than any bride I’ve ever seen.  Like perfect.   Fuck ya.  I’m proud of you for that one!:)
I said this to Liz when we were getting ready, which left us in a bawling our eyes out embrace, but you guys deserved that day.  It’s true karma at her finest.   You are nice to everyone, you’re fair and honest and generous and kind.  You make people happy when you’re around, and you are relentless in bringing out the best in all of us.  You will not stand for anything but the most genuine, kind, and light versions of ourselves.  You deserved all of it:  The Wave Hill staff working tirelessly for you, Brita, Lucy, the people who made your dress, and the gagillion hours of friends and family falling all over themselves to make that day what it was.  This is karma!  I love you both very, very much, and to know you two have found each other, and now lay safe and sound together forever brings me a soothing comfort that brings me to tears.
Your happiness is my happiness.  It’s as simple as that.
Thank you.  For trusting me.  And my assistant, Ben. 😉  We want nothing more than to show you how beautiful you are when you’re madly in love.
I love you very much.
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Jamie and Matt: a dream wedding at Migis Lodge in Maine.

Dream. Wedding. ALERT.

Jamie and Matt rented out *an entire Summer camp on Sebego Lake* for their wedding!  WHAT?!  And I mean.. you drive into this gorgeous, woodsy, lake-side camp with cabins and tennis courts, playgrounds, and docks… and it was *just* their friends and families gathering there for a weekend of camp-ish activities and fun and games… and a wedding!!   The link for the camp is HERE

It was a 70 degree day in October… in Maine (!?!?) and Jamie and her dad came in on a boat parading in front of their friends right before sunset.  The cocktail hour was spilling out of the main lodge, and dinner was family style in the gorgeous little restaurant.  Jamie is a friend of ours through our workshops and is a killer photographer so it was really fun to collaborate with her and Matt.  Jamie and Matt TRULY had the wedding of dreams, and when I walked in we both started crying when we hugged.  I wouldn’t wish this perfect love on a nicer, more loyal, cooler couple.  It was an honor and we had a blast.   Thank you both so very, very much.  We love you.

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