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Courtney and Geoff: married in New Hampshire.

Courtney and Geoff  got hitched at one of the most gorgeous ceremony spaces we’ve ever seen.  It was on a private farm overlooking the mountains of New Hampshire at peak foliage.  Amazing.  Their pups were the ring bearers, Courtney looked like a model, Geoff looked killer, and the day was an absolutely perfect Autumn wedding.  When you dream of a wedding in the Fall it looks exactly like this.  I love that for them.  They deserve it.  They live in San Francisco, and Courtney grew up in Nashua so it’s only fitting that she got to show off her granite state to all her friends!

Thank you guys so much!  Huge love to all of you! xoxo

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Jen and Tim: smart, beautiful, kind, and married… at The Mandarin Oriental.

Yay!  Witnessing two reeeeeally kind and good and wonderful people get married is a very good time.  I mostly like the speech part when we can learn a lot about them and start bawling at how wonderful they are. Which happens from time to time, and for sure happened with Jen and Tim.  These two nuggets of love were married at The Mandarin Oriental over Labor Day weekend, and everything was perrrrfect.  Super great couple, great friends, great family..all equal a great wedding.  We loved this wedding.  Thank you SO much to Jen and Tim for trusting us.  We love you!

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Andrea and Mike: married at The State Room in Boston.

Woop woop.  Andrea and Mike were married on a gorgeous, hot, perfect Saturday afternoon in August.  I love to see when two great people find each other, shed tears upon site of each other, and then laugh at themselves and dance the night away.   That’s just a few reasons I love Andrea and Mike.:) We can add great families, great friends, a perfect venue on a gorgeous night, and a beautiful couple.  Some wedding photographers have all the luck.

Thank you to both Andrea and Mike and their killer families.  We love you.

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Jamie and Matt: Engaged.

Jamie has been a friend of ours for a handful of years now.  She’s a photographer herself and has taken our workshops, and quickly became a friend.  We hadn’t met Matt until we walked into his home, but no surprise that was love at first sight, too.   Jamie and Matt went to high school together, but didn’t run in the same crew. By the way, I love that.  Don’t you?  It always makes me wonder what secret unforeseen lover was circling each of us as we made our way awkwardly through those years.  I bet it would make a great novel.  Aaaanyway… So there’s Matt and Jamie living up in Hampton Beach in New Hampshire RIGHT on the sea wall.  So cool for any person, and sooooo cool for a photographer!  She does great work and finds a constant muse in the ocean, as many do.   The weather was cold and misty and foggy, and we really had a blast.  We hope you love the shoot. We were pretty stoked with it.   Thank you to Matt and Jamie for being truly up for ANYTHING.  Your openness to the world will get you everywhere you ever want to go.  The opposite of fear is love, my friends.  And you got that in spades.  Peace.  SEe you in a few weeks.

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