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Amy and Harry. Royally wed.

I’m almost at a loss for words for this wedding. hahahahahaha ya ya no that’s such a joke… I could talk for a day and a half about this wedding. For the record, Harry is not from the royal family, nor is Amy, but they damnnnnn well should be. Gggaaaahhhhhhhhhh I love this wedding. I wanna talk about Amy and Harry and their families and friends and how much I want to be adopted as their 30 year old child at some point, but let me set the scene for this wedding first. The Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, VT  (Chittenden is a real place) is a rustic ridiculous piece of muffin land with fields and horses and mountains and lakes and stables and chalets and gorgeous gorgeous gorgeouuusssss weddings. When you have your wedding there on a Saturday you own the place so there were close to 200 people from near and far that all belong to the love fest of Amy and Harry. Amy and her madre made a brilliant decision of hiring Maria from Janie Haas Events to plan this event. Maria thought Hitched just might be a match for these two and I’ve been fist pumping ever since. Thank you Maria and Janie. They also hired Alex from ALPS to do the lighting which meant we got to hang with the coolest vendors in a ridiculous mountain house for a night, and wake up and drink coffee on a porch over looking the mountains and lakes. Is this job real?

I’m not going to try to explain how gorgeous the resort is, or how insane the room looked… there are pictures for that. go figure. What I do need to write about is the people that were at this wedding because they are the real reason this was an absolute staple in our careers. Amy and Harry and their families and friends have left us floating for the last 30 days. Their families were warm, welcoming, funny, kind, and generous. And their friends?! I think they invited about 100 of their friends from Colby and Pomona college, which has caused me to second guess every career decision I’ve ever made because I didn’t play lacrosse or go to Colby. The girls were equally as hot as the guys and every single one of them absolutely murdered the dance floor. I was off my rocker in the crazy booth and had more fun with these kids than I could possibly describe. It’s actually quite evident come to find out because I was somehow in about 200 pictures. tone it, cyndi. Ben and I laughed hard, like tears on cheeks hard when we went through this edit. That is by far my favorite kind of wedding.

Amy and Harry… thank you. You two were an absolute dream to work with. There is nothing like photographing an adorable (gorgeous) couple that is fun and down for anything. You two are sweet and kind and hilariously fun. G’head and make like a million little Amys and Harrys so I can photograph the shit outta those babies. kiddding… kinda. not. at all. 😉 love you both.

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Sam. Trashed.

Sam get’s this rad idea to trash her dress a year later. I don’t know if she was 100% serious when she suggested the beach at sunrise, but I sure as hell hope so cause I was stoked! Hot chick in her wedding dress on a beach up for absolutely anything in the prettiest light of the day?! are you joking? Sam is super gorgeous and sweet and fun. I’d say Jeremy is a real lucky guy but I know him and love him just as much. Isn’t life just sweet sometimes:):)Check this broad…

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Steph and Erik. Hitched!

Steph and Eriks wedding was a season favorite. ya ya… I say that a lot. But here’s the thing about this one… I think we stayed for like 11 hours, and we would have stayed longer if my feet weren’t going to fall off. Is it wrong when the photographers feet hurt ridiculously bad from dancing at a wedding? I left my phone at the reception like I was a drunken guest and had to walk of shame it later in the week to pick it up. The restaurant manager is all… “ya that was a crazy wedding”. Im all… “totes, I was the sober photographer”.

So my friend, Stephanie is a Janie Haas girl. Which means she’s a wedding and bar/bat mitzvah coordinator extrodinaire. She used every one of her favorite vendors to transform this restaurant in Newbury Port into something the waitstaff has never seen before. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it doesn’t matter because it certainly has never and will never look as good as it did that night. She brought in white loungey furniture, draped everything in white, hung mirrors, ordered flowers that looked like they were fresh off the boat from hawaii, uplit the shit out of the room, and  brought in a photo booth that was more of an amusement park ride that takes pictures. Her hors d’ouevres included mini burgers with shots of beer and mini tacos with shots of tequilla. I’m not joking. She didn’t have a sit down dinner, just stations with kabobs and yummies so her guests literally danced for 5 hours to the best DJ in the business. I wanna open a bar called reception and hire Steph to deck the place out and that DJ to mix every single night.

I could talk for another hour or so about this wedding before I even had the chance to talk about Steph and Erik. These two rooooocccckkkkkk. We were making perverted comments within 3 minutes of showing up and laughed for 10 hours straight. They’re fun and happy and gorgeous and kind and welcoming and awesome. I couldn’t possibly love them more. Thank you guys so much. Such a highlight to photograph your day. xoxoxoxoxoxox.

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Shelby and Mike. Married and so sweet.

I need to stop crying at weddings. I’m the photographer. Get a hold of yourself, cyndi. I legitimately cried 5 times at this wedding, like actual tears on my cheeks, not the welling up, let’s stare at the ceiling until it dries up kinda faking it. And I never exaggerate. ever. Let me tell you about real weddings, and real love, kids. It’s almost palpable. Shelby and Mike got married in a catholic church, some of the same readings I’ve heard about 100 times, similar if not the same vows that I’ve heard about 100 times… yet I was a sob fest trying to hold it together so I could take a picture that was in focus. Thankfully no one is looking at me and I can look at everyone else and confirm that this was indeed a special pair because there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. You can’t fake that. It owns you.

That, my friends, is special. Shelby and Mike caused that. Their love for one another, and their families and friends was so evident throughout their entire day. Shelby was cool, calm and collected getting ready, no stress, no worries. I didn’t get to hang with mike during the getting readies, but from what I can tell he was rippin shots and playing corn hole and having an awesome time with his friends. Is that not your most ideal wedding day? Lucky for us, Shelby and Mike welcomed us into their friend circle back in Jamaica when we first met them. They were guests at our very first wedding when we drank dirty bananas and danced the wobble with Jamaicans for 5 days. Needless to say, Max and I had a little bit of fun at this party as well. We’re incredibly grateful for this job. Thank you Shelby and Mike! we adore you two. xo

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Erin and Sean. Hitched.

It’s been kind of a crazy year. Erin is my 5th bride this year that I met at Westfield State College. Thanks, universe for being radAF and reconnecting me with old friends. It’s so damn cool and I feel so incredibly honored to be up close and personal on the best day of so many of my friends lives. new or old.

Erin and Sean live out near Worcester… I say near Worcester because I’m not sure I knew their cute little town existed before going to their cute little house for their cute little engagement pictures. They got married near by at the Harding Allen Estate in Barre. I’m sorry, Barre? For the record, that town is pronounced Barry, as in the beer bellied man, not Bar, as in the exercise phenomenon. Who would have thought Barry, MA would hold a gorgeous old mansion with perfect gardens and a huge ballroom that would make wedding planners start fist pumping to John Legend.

Despite their perfect weather and day and venue, let’s take a second to talk about Erin and Sean being two of the sweetest individuals on planet muffin. Erin is also a crossfit coach which is near and dear to my heart, and also means her body is bangin which matches her gorgeous face, hair, and smile. Sean is a stud of a man in uniform, and their dog literally wore a bow tie and cuff links and walked down the aisle. what? You two (three)… couldn’t possibly be happier for you. Thank you so much for such an awesome day. love you all.

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