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Deb and Doug: so married you don’t even know. Fairmont Copley Hotel, Boston.

Sure wish I got an invitation to this weddin’.  Nope.  Had to work that night. 😉   Ya, so Deb and Doug are… ummm… amazing? They’re gorgeous and smart and interesting and stylish and cool and really funny…aaaaand now they’re married!  They got married at The Fairmont Copley which is…oh ya know… a Boston landmark and part of the fabric of the city.  But, who gives a shit. They could have been married in a box and it still would have been an unforgettable celebration.   This is how weddins go, ya know?  You can put a nice bow on em, but the juice is in the love.  That’s truly the one and only ingredient you need to have the best wedding ever.  Oh, and really good photography.  OBVIOUSLY!:)  Anyway, Deb and Doug are two very very cool people, and it was such an incredible honor to be there and to photograph this wedding.  There are no words for the honor but thank you.  Thank you thank you thank you.  We wish you two all the luck in the whole wide world.  And all the love.  And all the giggles.  We’re so very happy for you both.  Peace.

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Hayley and Jonathan: Married at the Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham!

Sooo…. we had back to back weddings at The Charles River Museum of Industry which was odd, but awesome because it’s a great place.:)  Hayley and Jon are so super sweet, and Haley just has a special place right in my heart.  Both Hayley and Jonathan were so super stoked about their wedding, and it was just a total honor to be there for them.  It was a gorgeous and perfect day, and their ceremony was on the lawn outside the museum.  There were mama and baby ducks, a dude sun bathing, and a ton of laughter from us.:)I can’t say enough good things:  Hayley and Jon were surrounded by their absolutely wonderful friends and family, they looked absolutely killer, the vows and the ceremony were beautiful, and the party was killer.  Some weddings are just perfect and there’s not much more to say.  This is one of ’em.  So, let’s look at some photos, shall we! Yay.  Thank you guys SO MUCH!  We absolutely adore you both, and wish you nothing but a long and loving life together.  We have no doubt.   Love to both of you. Peace.

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Kim and Chuck: Married at Charles River Museum of Industry

Woop woop, Kim and Chuck got all kinds of wedded back in May at the always cool Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham.   We were lucky enough to photograph their traditional Vietnamese ‘asking party’ one year ago and we have been looking forward to their wedding since.   Kim wore her mom’s dress from the 80’s and had a bunch of alterations done on it, and there were oodles of gorgeous Vietnamese dresses blowing in the winds that day.  Kim and Chuck are super, super sweet and have boatloads of great friends so it was a really great way to kick off our wedding season.  Best of love and luck to both of you kids.  Thank you for your trust.  LOVE!

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Cat and Dave. My best friends wedding.

How am I even supposed to start this post. Hopefully most of you skip right over this part and look at the pictures cause it’s probably going to be a page and a half of pure nonsense where I try to tell you about my friend Catherine Mary and her husband Dave.

Catherine and I (and Dave) are high school sweet hearts. Kidding… I mean they are. Catherine and I actually date back to middle school, soooooo, ya I just one upped my groom. Anyone that has ever known Catherine loves her. not just, ya ya she was cool, more like I absolutely love that chick. Shes funny and sweet and thoughtful and respectful and generous and smart and hardworking. She comes from an amazing family, she has more friends than anyone I know, and she leaves a permanent mark on everyone she comes in contact with. I’m so incredibly lucky to have scooped up this bestie back in the day. If only she wasn’t a Dunstable girl, I could have met her sooner than 6th grade. And then there’s Dave. Daaaaave?! All those things I just said about Catherine are true for Dave. As far as I know he’s the male version of Catherine a grade ahead of us. What a catch.

To keep with the home town feel, Catherine and Dave invited half our high school back to Groton and had a gorgeous party at Gibbet Hill. I knew 96% of the people there and it was 100% more fun than any reunion. Don’t even say reunion. It would sound a little biased if I said it was my favorite bridal party of all time… as it consisted of all of my best friends… but Max confirmed it for me. So, ya. It was one of those perfectly blue sky 75 degree with a gentle breeze kind of days. The kind of day you wish only for your favorite people. Max and I have a knack for feeling more like friends than vendors at our weddings, but this one was a little beyond that. I got a bridesmaid champagne flute with my name on it, I somehow made my way into like 30% of the pictures, Catherine added us to the open bar, and she forced me to put my camera down at the end of the night. Cat and Dave better believe  they’re a Hitched favorite, a crowd favorite, a life time favorite. I really can’t express how happy I am to capture this day for them. I don’t need to wish all the love and happiness for you both, that’s already surrounding you in spades. love you both. thank you. xo.

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Rachel and Tom. Married at the BPL.

I have this serious problem with having huge ridiculous couple crushes. Rachel and Tom are absolutely no exception. Im actually jealous of them because they’re both just cooler than me. They’re both so damn sweet and laid back and funny and quirky and Tom is such a good dancer and Rachel looks like a supermodel and they love one another so much you could almost touch it. Their wedding at the Boston Public Library was, um, really nice. Huge surprise, right? Just kinda perfect though. Tons of people and so much positive energy everywhere you look. It was like two super families coming together and being united by the power couple of the century. What, cyndi? I think that’s my way of saying I really loved their wedding. Perfect couple, perfect venue, perfect day. happy happy happy. love.

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