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Jen and Spaits: Engaged.

Jen and Spaits are bike ridin’, puppy owning, owned by kitties,  cool cats themselves.   They live together with their menagerie in Brookline and are ultra nice, smart, creative, chill people.  They’re getting married in September outside at Lars Anderson Park, and I’ll be there with little ol bells on.  Hell ya.   Here is their engagement shoot.  Enjoy.  And THANK YOU!


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Vickie and Mike: Married atop a mountain in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

We’re gonna g’head and give this wedding a rating of Holy Shit.   Jaw dropping, mind blowing, force of nature WHHHHAAAA!!  Vickie and Mike rented an absolutely incredible home that was built in the 1950s and looks like George Jetson and The whole Brady family lived there in their most stylish moment.   And it’s on top of a mountain…and they have the mountain to themselves.    Vickie is maaaaaybe the prettiest girl in the world, and Mike is the sharpest MF in the world.  Together with their dear friend, Brandon,  put on a gorgeous wedding no one will forget!  And the weather was a big player in the craziness.  We used the Dark Sky app to see that there was a break in the TORRENTIAL rain for 20 minutes… and that’s when we planned for Vickie to walk down the aisle.   There was fog coming off the earth, lighting in the background, but the ceremony was DRY!  And during the all out dance party the skies opened up and the deluge was biblical.  And the part RAGED!  Vickie put on a hand made gold sequin onesie (obv) and put the bash into overdrive.   This was one of those weddings I hope to never forget.  And there’s no way I will.  Vickie and Mike, I LOVE YOU!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us photograph your wedding!  You are the best! LOVE!

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