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Derek and Steph: Engaged at The Arboretum in Boston

Don’t be mad at this couple.  I know they have no body fat, but you’d still like them a lot.   Derek is a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston where people run faster than Wylie Coyote on meth, but on a treadmill.  Uphill.   Steph is a manager at the new Barry’s location, but she and Derek met when she was just a mere coyote on a treadmill.:)  They’re getting married in November, and I’m truly *honored* that I’ll be there for them.  This is the nicest, most low key, sweetheart of a couple.  I’m so so so happy they’ve found each other.   Yay Love!


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Claire and Peter: Married at the Bohlin Center, Newport, RI

Claire and Peter got married on an incredibly beautiful Saturday in May…which is weird since it was the ONLY nice day in the whole month, I think!  Their ceremony and reception was at the reeeeally awesome Bohlin Center in Newport surrounded by really nice zillionaire yachters!  Whoop whoop.

If I wrote for five hours I wouldn’t be able to explain how insanely nice, low key, humble, smart, kind, and gorgeous this couple is.  We 100% didn’t get to know them before the wedding, but watching them on their day and together, and with their awesome friends and family, we got a glimpse.  Both are from Dorchester, one as cool and nice as the other, and truly with the nicest families and friends.  Ben and I walked away from their day feeling a general hopefulness for the whole wide world.  I love when love can do that.

Thank you to both of you.  We wish you nothing but love and beauty in your lives.  No doubt you’ll have both in spades.  Peace.


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