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Brianne and Darren: married at Danversport Yacht Club!

Welp, I pretty much consider myself part of the Amedio (Brianne’s family) family whether they like it or not so when I heard Darren and Brianne were engaged I just stared at my phone until the text came in.:)  I photographed her big sister’s wedding in 2009, and lucky for me our lives intertwined. I photograph their extended family, I’ve had most of them in my photography courses, and it’s just one of those relationships that feel like family.  Mostly because they’re a very loving, hilarious, and open crew.   Brianne and Darren are old friends from high school that took a long time to finally realize they were perfect for each other.  But once that switch was flipped it was an obvious match made right there in heaven.  They got married on one of those scorching hot Saturdays in August, and it was so hot in fact that we were delusional…which is funny.  They danced and drank and partied and celebrated.  They had a big, perfect wedding, and it was great to see my sister married off. 😉  I love you guys.  I’ll see you again soon, I hope!  THANK YOU!

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Maeve and Drew: Married at Misselwood at Endicott College in Beverly, MA

It’s not a tough gig to get to photograph a beautiful couple on a summer afternoon at a beautiful venue.  And that’s just what we got at Misselwood with Maeve and Drew.  They both are from great families and have life long wonderful friends.  If ya ask me, that’s all ya need for a killer wedding!  The rest is just sauce (really pretty, wicked expensive, nerve wracking sauce).   Enjoy!  Thank you so much!


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Haley and Tommy: one helavah backyard wedding. Philly, PA

Holy shit.  Talk about a show stopper, jaw dropper of a backyard wedding.  YOWZA!

I met Tommy at a bar in Brooklyn a few years ago and we stayed in touch over the ol social media.  Well, good move on my part because we got to point our camera at this gorgeousness.  This gorgeous wedding spanned over Tommy’s childhood home’s backyard and their next door neighbors.   Tommy’s mom works really hard on her flowers and yard anyway so it was already gorgeous if they did absolutely nothing to it.  But they did.  I’m not even going to bother talking about it since I do have some photos to show.:) This was an incredible party, a beautiful ceremony, and a night full of surprises and performances.  It was just one of those weddings where both Ben and I were like, damn… that was sumthin.  Take a look for yourself.  ENJOY! thank you thank you thank you to both Haley and Tommy and their wonderful families.  Good luck, kids!! HaleyTommy001HaleyTommy002HaleyTommy003HaleyTommy004HaleyTommy005HaleyTommy007HaleyTommy008HaleyTommy009HaleyTommy010HaleyTommy011HaleyTommy012HaleyTommy013HaleyTommy014HaleyTommy015HaleyTommy016HaleyTommy017HaleyTommy018HaleyTommy020HaleyTommy021HaleyTommy022HaleyTommy023HaleyTommy024HaleyTommy025HaleyTommy026HaleyTommy027HaleyTommy028HaleyTommy029HaleyTommy030HaleyTommy031HaleyTommy032HaleyTommy033HaleyTommy034HaleyTommy035HaleyTommy037HaleyTommy038HaleyTommy039HaleyTommy040HaleyTommy041HaleyTommy042HaleyTommy043HaleyTommy044HaleyTommy045HaleyTommy046HaleyTommy047HaleyTommy049HaleyTommy050


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Jen and Kate: married in CT!

Whoop whoop WHOOOOOOP!!!!!   Jen and Kate got married and we got to be there!  So many cool elements to the perfect summer wedding, but the most special element, obviously, is that two people can marry who the love and who they’re committed to building a life with.   This was an absolutely perfect DIY backyard wedding, and Cyndi and I were jaw dropped at the simple, but not too simple because it took a lot of work, perfection.

The location was at a place they found on AirBnB on 6 acres in Connecticut.  They had the shindig catered by Mei Mei food truck (sans truck).  Their dance floor was wooden barn board (!!), and their ceremony was under a big, shady tree.  The backdrop of their ceremony alter was folded paper doilies, they had a cool version of a photo booth, and lawn games, and cold drinks to occupy the masses.  We loved every thing about this day right down to the non assigned seating to the speeches made by their parents.   Two of my best friend, Nina and Laura, of American Echoes, sung them down the aisle, and Nathan of Trephin is responsible for hair and make up.  His man, AJ did the flowers, both centerpiece and bouquets.   Truly everything was gorgeous.  And I wouldn’t wish it on a cooler, nicer couple.  Both Kate and Jen are kind and generous and cool and beautiful, talented and smart, and loved by everyone who knows them.  They worked their asses off for this wedding, and it all paid off. Everything was perfect.  Thank you guys so much.  LOVE!!

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Jennie and Nick: Married in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy SHIT we loved this wedding! And we loved this wedding because we LOVE THESE PEOPLE!! Jennie found us when her fellow Yale Law School student showed her his wedding photos.  hollah. Nick and Jennie met each other on their first day of…pre school.. on the Upper West Side of NYC.  Like ya do.  They were classmates and friends throughout school and reunited as lovahhs after college.  Today the live in CT so Jennie can finish up law school, and Nick is a musician who makes the commute back and fort to Manhattan for rehearsals and gigs. Their wedding ceremony was at Nick’s church, and the reception was a few blocks away in the basement of Jennie’s families church. The way Fallon Carter Events absolutely transformed a church basement was mind blowing!  This was truly one of the best weddings of my career and it was purely because of the couple and the families of these two people.

Nick wrote and sung a song for Jennie at their ceremony, he and his friends sung a cappella to her during the reception, he and his family sung and played piano before the left for the ceremony and then group hugged before they walked into the church (!!??).  Jennie, Nick, Cyndi and I walked through the city streets for photos, and they report that that was a big highlight for them.  Sure was for us, too!  They had a crown making station at the cocktail hour which is a GREAT idea! And Nick wore the high tops that he wore for their first date.  C’mon.   A hilarious side note that Cyndi and I still choke on our laughter about is when a guest *literally* took a fork to the wedding cake long before they officially cut and stood there eating the fucking cake with a fork.  Cyndi actually collapsed in laughter when I told her.   Fallon, the wedding planner, couldn’t help but laugh either.  And so did Jennie and Nick, of course.  Cuz it doesn’t matter.  And it’s hilarious.:)

To the nicest couple of people ever ever ever in the whole wide world.  Thank you very much for having us.  WE LOVE YOU!


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