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Annie and Mike: a DIY backyard wedding on a farm in Jersey.

It’s Annie and Mike’s kind of weddings that make us feel like the luckiest crew in the world.  This wedding was beautiful, unique, photogenic, honest, and creative.  Not unlike the happy couple themselves.  Mike’s older sister is one of my best friends which is how we found our lucky asses here. The forecast called for it to rain on their backyard farm wedding all damn day, and sure enough the skies really opened up just as soon as the ceremony started.  They grabbed a vintage suitcase from their card and gift table and used it as an umbrella, and the show went on! I love that!  Their family and very best friends braved the rain and stood in the downpour for their vows.  We love that shit!  The skies cleared up soon after and the party ensued.  It was a memorable, beautiful, perfect day.  After all, no rain, no rainbows.:)Thank you guys!  We love you!


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Alexa and Matt: A wedding at The Four Seasons, Boston.

I met Alexa and Matt when I was fostering four newborn puppies during that horrible New England winter.  They came in my house in JP, we sat on the floor and made cooing noises to puppies that looked like hamsters.  She told me that she grew up at The Four Seasons.. (record screech). No, really.. like… her childhood home was the mother fucking Four Seasons Hotel in Boston.  Her mom was a single mom from Day One, and that said mama is friends with wedding planner extraordinaire Janie Haas.  Basically I threatened her life if she didn’t hire me.

If you think of someone who grew up at a luxury hotel, you wouldn’t be picturing Alexa.  I meet *a lot* of women in this gig, and I will stand by the statement that Alexa Rae Wright is one bad ass, hilarious, smart, rad, fun, real, beautiful, kinda shy, absolutely awesome human being.  I consider her and Matt friends and I would run across a busy street if I saw them just to hug the shit out of them.   Matt is a Scituate fireman…hot…and he’s just the most down to earth, cool dude.  He has a zillion friends, to know him (and her) is to love them, and their wedding really showed that.   They chose buying a boat over going on a honeymoon, and walking into her wedding she already felt like an old friend.

Enough with the mushy shit.  Janie Haas and Maria (from Janie Haas events) put on a fucking wedding that dropped JAWS, I tell ya.  That room looked like an actual fairy tale.  It was STUNNING.  Her ceremony arch made me practically cry, and every single detail was the prettiest shit you’ve ever seen.  Gah. I die.  I’m real glad I brought my camera because I actually like looking through the photos just to remind myself I was there.

Thank you so much to everyone involved. To Janie and Maria for recommending us, and to Alexa and Matt for trusting us.   We love you guys so much I can’t stand myself.  Thank you! LOVE!

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Lindsay and Kenny: married at Winvian in Morris, CT

Have you guys ever heard of Winvian in Morris (no relation), CT?  Well, stop contributing to your retirement plan right now and save up for three nights at this place because it’s AMAZING!!  And Lindsay and Kenny rented the whole fucking place out and HAD A WEDDING THERE!!


so sick.  This was Dream Wedding status on fleck.  Winvian is basically several gorgeous acres in CT with many private cabins scattered in the woods.  Each cabin was designed by a unique architect, and each one is very special.  The main house has been converted into the New England Inn vibe that you dream of (or if you’re old enough it was like the Inn in the show of the 80’s called Newhart.  If you’re not old enough I think it’s also a Pokemon Go site).  And then there’s the barn which when you think ‘man, I’d love to get married in a Pinterest board’ you’re actually thinking of this exact barn.  It’s insane.  Their friends and family are hilarious and fun and cool and nice and welcoming and inclusive.  They raged as hard as they absolutely should have, and we just did our best to keep up.  Truly everything was perfect.  It was an honor.  Thank you guys so much.  We sure do love ya!  And thank you to Elizabeth and Matt for recommending us!  WE FUCKING LOVE YOU!!


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Liisa and Doug: a wedding in Gloucester

Remember that time the wicked hot blonde who was also a Wellesley grad and private council at a biotech firm hired you to photograph her wedding?


I do.

I don’t know how I win the client lottery every single weekend, but I do and I think it’s karma for my kankles, but I can’t be sure.   This was a second marriage for both Liisa and Doug so… so it was low on BS and real high on focusing on all the shit that matters:  a meaningful ceremony in a place that’s special to them (and ultra photogenic.  It’s called Ray’s Chasm in Gloucester.  Google it and bring a bottle of champagne), LOTS of dancing, great food, and a room full of their ultra favorite people.  Nothing more.  Both Liisa and Doug have two kids each, and if you were looking for them that evening they were murdering the dance floor along with their cousins.   I smiled the entire day, and honestly.. I’m honored just to know people like Liisa and Doug, never mind be allowed to point my camera at them.  Everything was perfect.  I wouldn’t wish it on a better couple.  Serious.  Thank you guys! Love!!


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Vickie and Mike: engaged.

Vickie and Mike are two of my best friends here in Boston, and a real relationship inspiration for me.  Mike is maaaaaybe the nicest, coolest dude you’ll ever meet in your life, and he’s so in love with Vickie it makes my eyes bleed a little.  Vickie is ummm… Vickie is an inspiration to get my fucking ass to the gym and to get better genetics the next time around. For real.  She’s also ultra sweet, wicked funny, really talent, and an ex Go Go Dancer so she’s my favorite person to walk into a bar with.   They’re getting married in August and I cannot wait.  We had the greatest time at their engagement shoot, we started at their home and ended at the Boston Ship Yard in East Boston.  We had a perfect night, they’re artists themselves so they help a sister out on a photograph, and I love them madly. The rest is history.  Enjoy.  Thank you guys so so much! I LOVE YOU!


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