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Kailee and Ryan: engaged at Paine’s Creek in Brewster, MA

Holy shit, we scored on the weather tip!  Kailee’s family has a home in Brewster, my favorite town on Cape Cod.  So, when she was picturing her and Ryan’s engagement shoot she thought Paine’s Creek would be gorgeous.  I love Brewster and know it’s low tides and sunsets well so we decided on a sunset shoot.  SCORE!  We had a really great time chasing the most beautiful light on planet Summer Time, and we had a blast.  These two cats will be married late in 2017.  Stay tuned! Thank you guys so much! LOVE!


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Samantha and Nick: married at Chatham Bars Inn

Nothing quite like planning a wedding on the beach on Cape Cod in June to give yourself a heart attack hoping for good weather!  And Sam and Nick f*cking SCORED! They had an absolutely gorgeous and perfect day for their super intimate 20 person wedding.  They gathered their very favorite people, had a really delicious, special dinner, and topped it all with a Nutella wedding cake.  Shit was perfect.  Thank you guys so much!  Good luck! Love!


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Jen and Kate: Engaged.

Whoop whoop.   Love me a couple ah gals getting hitched!!!!!! Same sex marriage is still new enough (legally) to not be blown away with happiness and a fist pumping Fuck Ya! every time.   And it’s even funner when I’m friends with one (now two) of the gals.   Jen washed my hair at the best hair salon in Boston, Trephin.   Turns out that’s how she and Kate met, too!  What a seductress! We are mere lions in her circus of love!   Kate is Canadian (read: nice) and is in Boston as a child psychologist at Children’s Hospital (:smart).  Their wedding is in Connecticut in July at a private home they’re renting for the occasion.  Gonna be a low key, back yard, food truck kind of vibe, and I’m STOKED for it!

We did their shoot in their sweet apartment in JP and then headed out to the woods.  It was a perfect day, and we all left floating on a cloud of love!

Thank you for your trust, girls.  I’ll see you soon! Love!!


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Steph and Brett: Engaged.

For her engagement shoot, Steph told me she wanted the classic American Gothic feel.  So when I suggested we meet at Brooksby Farm in Peabody she responded with,  “I don’t want the red barn, white fence, cows thing.  I want modern creepy.”.  Roger that.  Brooksby farm, in late March,  was desolate and cold and full of trees just emerging from Winter.   Turns out a dead apple orchard is creepy af.  Steph and Brett met at UNH and they’ve been killin it and grillin it as a couple ever since.  Jolene is their Great Dane, and their wedding is at The Boston Public Library in October.   She’s a glass blower and he’s a professional paint ball player.  Pretty sure the ol’ BPL won’t know what hit it.  I’ll bring my camera.:)

Enjoy. Thank you. Love.



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Kelly and Bobby: an engagement shoot at my place.

Hahhhht.   Kelly and Bobby came down to my little tree house and I rolled them around the place and photographed them.   They’re sexy and gorgeous and in love so they made it pretty easy.  They’re getting married in May of 2017 up in New Hampshire.  Kelly works at a Inde Salon in Quincy, MA and we’ve been photographer and muse for some time now.  It’s an HONOR to photograph such a beautiful, chill, sweet, down to dart Quincy babeasaurus.  I love these peeps.  Enjoy. Thank you!

**And I should absolutely add that Ben Wight made everything cool in my house: the window seat made of windows, the bed nook made of old barn wood, and the table made of a NorthWest Redwood tree.   Please let me know if you’d like him to make you your dream house.  He can do that for you.


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